Though I have played football (soccer), I was poor at juggling football / soccer ball (Keepy Uppy). I could juggle the ball only a few times. The ball got out of my control. And I was at the mercy of the ball.

Now, I can do it much better. But from my experience, I  think that there must be an easier and steadier way to learn juggling football / soccer ball (Keepy Uppy).  

And I would like to show you the way how I improved my skills. 

So, let's get started.

My New Video

This video is the second tutorial for  juggling football / soccer ball.  This time, I show you how to bounce the ball five times without bouncing the ball on the ground.  

Tutorial 1

(The main contents of this video)

1.  Bounce the ball on the instep of your foot

The most important part is instep (the laces of  your shoe). So, get a feel for bouncing the ball on the instep.

2. Let the ball bounce on the ground and keep juggling (Keepy Uppy)

For the beginners, key point is  ’bounce on the ground’. It's much easier than juggling(Keepy Uppy) with no bounces.

3. Bounce the ball twice without bouncing it on the ground

If you are a beginner, don’t skip to  juggling with no bounces too soon. I think 'Little by Little'

is the point.

Little by little, introduce juggling with no bounces to your juggling with bounces.

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Juggling Football (Soccer Ball) Tips For The Very Beginners